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Today I bought an iphone14 with the money I earned, I am so happy.
2024-07-15 01:46:00
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Theja K
Hello! I need your advise, what is the best way to withdraw the amount of 2000 $-3000 $ per month? PayPal demanded to pass identification after 3 transfers and send document scans. Maybe, cc is a better option?
2024-07-14 20:48:56
Hello! There is no big difference. Pass identification in PayPal. It takes not too much time but gives more opportunities to withdraw money. By the way, we can consult you if necessary.

Samee Bin
Now I use the time on the way to and from get off work to watch advertisements every day, and I earn income from 200 $ every day, and I am not tired at all, which is great.
2024-07-14 04:08:17
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Yesterday, I withdrew 2900 $ instead of 3000 $ transferred to the PayPal account. What is the matter? Thanks.
2024-07-13 20:28:27
Hello! the commission 1% was taken.

Why did I watch the ad and didn't give me money?
2024-07-12 22:48:32
Hi, you must watch the ad for more than 10 seconds to get the reward.

Rizvi Syed
It's insane! I did not believe until the very end ))) literally, until the money was transferred to my cc. Two weeks aren't wasted in vain, 2500 $ earned!)) My gratitude to the administration for this opportunity to earn some money! Already withdrew it, and I am going to spend it tomorrow)))
2024-07-12 18:37:53
Thank you for your feedback and good luck every day

Unbelievable, I am a student, I insist on watching advertisements for half an hour every night, this month I actually received a reward of 800 $, my classmates are very envious
2024-07-12 05:07:08
Thank you for your feedback and good luck every day

Kranthi Kumar
dear admin, the advertisements you provide me every day are not enough, I finished watching them in 2 hours, and I want to make more money, what should I do?
2024-07-12 03:35:01
Quietly tell you, haha, you can use your relative or friend's mobile phone to register on our website to watch advertisements.